Pickled Onion

"Hello. Well, what can I say, where haven't I been. I've travelled, kicked back, relaxed and always had an eye for the finer things in life (Wink!) so I've spent most of my time on the continent, but I thought, what the heck, why not head back. "

Height: Allowed on the rollercoaster
Occupation: Monster
Hobbies: Wrestling & the pogo stick

Roast Beef

" Hi, it's fab to finally be back alongside the others! I've never really been out of the limelight, I'm an A-list survivor. I've done plenty over the years, loads of appearances, name me any town and I guarantee I've been there or even turned its Christmas lights on!"

Height: Big as a conker tree
Occupation: Monster
Hobbies: Space hopping & Astro Wars

Flamin' Hot

" WOW! I'm back here again, I can't believe it! I can hardly remember where I've been for the last couple of decades - it's all a blur! But I know it's been a good ride and it's wild to be back and in the limelight. "

Height: About as high as a phonebox
Occupation: Monster
Hobbies: BMXing & Rubix cube

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